Katrina Anne Gustafson

February 16, 1988 – January 22, 2004

Submitted by Deb and Tom Gustafson, parents & Nikia Gustafson, sister

This quilt square is in memory of the life of Katrina Anne Gustafson or “Trini” to her family. Purple and black were her favorite colors. Figure skating was her passion. We cannot remember when she didn’t want to go to practice or compete at a competition during her 10 years of mastering this skill. She smiled and laughed on the ice almost constantly. Trini collected cat figurines. She picked out a kitten when she was 2-years old. Kitsy slept with Trini at night and we always considered him her cat. Butterflies intrigued her, their coloring and softness. Trini was a lot like them – neat and color-coordinated. Softness was something she understood very well. She was soft spoken. The heart on the square is not big enough to do her justice. She had a heart of gold; animals were not to be hurt, fish should not be caught, even mousetraps bothered her. She treated everything and everyone with respect and kindness. She is remembered by her classmates as someone who always had a smile on her face. The heart also signifies our love for her forever.

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