Kevin D. Schneider

April 10, 1959 – October 25, 2000

Submitted by Sherry MacCallum, sister

My brother, Kevin had epileptic seizures. So all his life he had special needs and required special care. Of course, as his big sister, I felt it was my job to take care of him and watch out for him.

The doctors hadn’t given us much hope for Kevin. They told us he’d never ride a bike but he did just like any normal kid. In fact, he rode snowmobiles with my parents and later he had a three-wheel Honda that he would whip around the farm on.

The doctors told us he would not live to see 14 – he did. They said he’d never make 21 – he did. At age 33, in October of 2000, Kevin was admitted into the hospital for a routine medication adjustment. For Kevin, any change in his meds was a major ordeal. He would get very sick, need to sleep a lot and he’d have more seizures than normal. On the third day my family received a call that Kevin had gone into cardiac arrest, he was resuscitated but now was in a coma. For 8 days we watched him diminish along with our hopes. So not only were we losing a son and a brother, but it was happening because of a mistake. What can you do to turn such a tragedy into something positive – donate life! Kevin gave the gift of life to 6 complete strangers. His situation also made a dream come true for his big sister. Because of this, I now own my Harley Davidson motorcycle. The license plate reads “KEVNME”. I know Kevin is with me every time I’m out riding. Now it’s his turn to watch over me……

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