Neil “Curly” Stanoch

July 10, 1972 – August 20, 2004

Submitted by Debra Stanoch, wife

This quilt square is dedicated to Neil Stanoch. Everyone knew him as Curly, a name given to him as a toddler. The picture is from our wedding day, August 10, 2002. The hands are of his daughters, Jessica and Hanna.

Curly was owner-operator of “Spunk Creek Transfer Trucking”. He also farmed. Curley was best known for his ability to make people laugh. He had a great dedication to his children. He said he wasn’t afraid of dying but wasn’t ready to leave his family. I know the hardest part for both he and I is that he will miss seeing Jessica and Hanna grow up. My greatest comfort is knowing he is now in heaven with our twin boys, Kyle and Brandon.

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