Angie, from Hudson WI, had the world by the tail. She was young, talented, pretty and recently married. The one thing she didn’t have was a donated heart. Angie died January 15th, 2006 before she got the transplant that she needed. Her mom, Dawn Franzmeier of Osceola has made it her mission to educate as many people as possible about organ and tissue donation. In November, Dawn spoke at Hudson High School.





A few weeks after this presentation, Dawn received the following letter of thanks. It was affirmation for her that at least one young person really heard her message that day and it helps energize her to continue her fight on behalf of others like Angie.

Dear Dawn,

I wanted to say your presentation was very touching and definitely changed my mind about being an organ donor. I always wanted to be an organ donor but I wasn’t 100% sure about it. Some of the things just freaked me out, like having my body parts in someone else’s body. But after you came and talked to us about your daughter and her experience, I was very touched and realized what a difference can make for one person if one person donates just the smallest organ. I had an aunt that died of liver cancer and she was waiting on the list. She had three daughters and a husband. After about a little under a year of being diagnosed, she passed away. I just wanted to say thanks for coming in and sharing your story with us.

T. D. (Driver’s ed. student)