Donate Life Art Car

LifeSource volunteer and heart recipient Vicki Peterson of Bloomington had an opportunity to drive home the message of donation and transplantation, literally, so she grabbed the wheel and made it happen.

Vicki with her car wrapped in the Donate Life message

Vicki with her Donate Life car!

A few months ago Vicki contacted us at LifeSource and asked if we could help with a project. She had volunteered for a program with her employer, Sun Country Airlines, to have her car wrapped with the company logo. A few months later as the end of that promotion and the time to remove the car wrap approached, Vicki inquired with the wrap company what it would cost to have a message of donation installed onto her car. That company was so impressed with her story and her efforts to help others that they donated the wrap for free!

With the help of our graphic designer here at LifeSource, Emily, Vicki was able to make this happen and by so doing will inspire many on the road to do what is simply the right thing to do –┬ábe an organ donor! Thank you Vicki.


  1. Paul Caruso says:

    I admire Vicky for her efforts. I am trying to get my car wrapped. I live in Meriden ct. I am having a difficult time getting someone to volunteer there services and product. I very much would like to promote organ donation. I am very thankful I had my kidney transplant on September 20 Th. last year my life was transformed greatly. If any get give me some advise how I can go about this. I want to spread the word.

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