The Power of Stories

Each person who is connected to donation and transplantation has walked a unique path.  Our stories are woven together with a similar thread – the fabric of donation and transplantation – yet the beauty of each one is that the people who fill our tales are unique to our lives. 

Every once in a while a story about donation and transplantation is featured on a widely-viewed platform, bringing great awareness to the mission and, hopefully, encouraging more people to say ‘yes’ to donation.  Yesterday afternoon and evening two such stories were widely shared with television audiences.

Yesterday Oprah featured the story of Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman and his daughter’s fight for her life after she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease that only a transplant would cure.  The Tillman’s met, for the first time, the donor mom and sister of the little boy who saved their daughter’s life. 

That courageous woman is Magali Garcia, a single mother from the Twin Cities who graciously said yes to donation after the death of her two month old son, Armando.  She reflected that she said yes because she realized that her decision could save another mother from going through what she was going through.  It’s an incredible story and LifeSource is honored to have worked with Magali and her family to facilitate the gift of Armando’s heart.

In the evening, ESPN’s E:60 broadcast a story about boxer Francisco “Paco” Rodriquez and his gifts of life after his death following a boxing match in Philadelphia.  Five people received the gifts of his organs and are living their lives with the spirit of a champion.  It’s another incredible story and I’d encourage you to watch it.

Each of you who share your own stories in your daily life and in your community are having an impact that’s just as tremendous – encouraging people to say yes to donation and putting a face, a story, a person with this life-saving cause.  Keep sharing!