Green Wristbands

Here’s a poignant story about green wristbands and the power of our volunteers sharing their stories with their friends, loved ones and communities.  This comes to us from heart recipient Bill Carlson:

A few months ago I decided to stop and visit a friend I’ve known for a long time.  When I got there the whole family was there and the oldest boy who just graduated from high school noticed my green wrist band.  His sister commented that someone had been at their school talking about organ donation, which led to asking me questions about my heart transplant. They all wanted wristbands and were very interested in organ donation, especially the boy.  They said when they were able to they would all check the box. I thanked them and went on my way.

This morning at about 8 am my friend called.  I asked how it was going and he said, “not very well.”  His oldest son was involved in a motorcycle accident and had been airlifted to the hospital.  Thank God he was wearing a helmet.  After several hours in surgery the surgeon came out with a green wrist band in his hand; of course, they thought the worst. The doctor said that he will be OK, will need lots of rehab and also he wanted to make sure that he got his wristband back.  Dad thanked him but then the doctor thanked his son for being a supporter of organ donation, because now he will also be a recipient!!  He will need a lot of skin grafts due to his injuries from the accident.  The doctor informed them that donated skin is going to make things a lot easier for him.

I think this has really hit home about organ and tissue donation.  I told Dad that if he would like a brand new wristband I would make sure he gets one… God Speed on his recovery.