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Alex’s Angels

Today we are honored to share part of a letter we received from donor mom Robin Briggs. Robin’s son, Alex, passed away last year following injuries he sustained in a farm accident and she has generously allowed us to share this with you. One of the things I love most about this letter is her […]

Honoring Andrea: Our 2013 Floragraph

For the past five years it has been our privilege to honor a donor from the communities we serve with a floragraph on the Donate Life Float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. This memorial portrait constructed of natural materials adorns the float as a tribute to the honoree, as well as donors and donor […]

I am hope: Deb’s story

            Every day Deb Bowman works on behalf of the citizens of South Dakota as Senior Advisor to Governor Daugaard. The kidney transplant she received more than 12 years ago helps make that possible. Born with just one functioning kidney that began to fail, Deb’s quality of life was declining […]

I am hope: Rapid City Regional Hospital Nurses

            Every day, nurses around the country are inspiring hope. The profession is consistently rated one of the most trustworthy in the United States.  It’s no surprise then, that the nurses at Rapid City Regional Hospital were honored to share their support for donation as part of a project called Donate Life […]

I am hope: Brian’s Story

          Brian Pavel loved the outdoors. A native of South Dakota, the Black Hills he called home were one of his favorite places to explore. He had a passion for Wild Mustang horses, hiking, fishing, photography and his family. “He had such a kind heart,” shares his dad. “That’s one of […]

I am hope: Mike and Tom

          Watch Mike and Tom’s story courtesy of KELO. Meet Mike and Tom, brothers who, along with their mother, were diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Fuch’s corneal dystrophy. Only a small percentage of people are diagnosed with this disease, which can cause a person to slowly go blind. Thanks to […]

I am hope: Tim’s Story

          Born and raised in South Dakota, Tim loves the outdoors. “I’ve become obsessed, if you will, with fly fishing. It’s one of my favorite things to do,” he shares. A heart attack when he was just 33 years old nearly took his life. Being listed for a heart transplant brought […]

I am hope: Victor’s story

          It was TroyLyn Joseph, Victor’s mom, who asked the doctor’s at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls if he would have the opportunity to donate his organs and tissues. She knew the tragic accident he was involved in had taken his life but that there might be a chance for him […]

I am hope: Andrea’s Story

            When Andrea applied for her first driver’s license she registered to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. She was proud of her decision, excitedly showing her siblings and her friends her new license when it arrived, saying “I’m a donor!” No one could have predicted the tragedy that preceded her gifts of donation just a […]

I am hope: South Dakota

Throughout the state of South Dakota you’ll find amazing stories of hope, love and life. More than half of South Dakotan’s have made the generous decision to share life with others by registering to be an organ, eye and tissue donor – 55%, compared to 43% nationally. Beginning this Sunday, December 2nd, we will be sharing a week’s […]

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