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Dale's Story

This morning I spent some time at our booth at the State Fair with a two-time donor sister, a heart-kidney recipient and her husband, and the person whose story I want to share with you today, Dale Flakne. Dale is not a recipient or a donor family member.  Dale’s story is a tragic reminder of the fact that […]

12 Days, 12 Stories

Welcome to the Great Minnesota Get Together!  Today through Labor Day Minnesotans will come from far and wide to eat food on a stick, listen to music, and enjoy the camraderie of this great community.  Once again, LifeSource will have a booth in the Education Building.  Staff and volunteers will contribute more than 144 hours of […]

The Great Minnesota Get Together: Day One

The following post is courtesy of Cindy Thurmes, our special events coordinator: For those of you that visited the fair on opening day, I’m sure you will agree it had to be the busiest day ever! The parking lots and the fair itself were packed by late morning. We had so many amazing visitors stop […]

A great day

The final count is in – 538 Minnesotans registered to be an organ and tissue donor at the State Fair this year!  When you consider that each one of them has the potential to save up to 60 lives through donation, that’s more than 32,000 rays of hope for the men, women and children on the transplant […]

A Powerful Thing

Today I’m going to let Jenny do the talking (or writing, as the case may be).  Jenny is a donor sister and volunteer with LifeSource.  Her brother, Charles, was a donor in the fall of 2005 and her family generously agreed to share Charles’ story with the public by allowing KARE-11 to videotape, in real-time, […]

Another great story from the Fair

Today’s post is from Mary, a volunteer who has a great story to share about her experience at the Fair last week.  Mary’s father, Robert, received a heart transplant in November of 1987 and lived “15 years, 3 months and 10 days” with his new heart.  Mary, her father and her mother, Joan, have all […]

Proud to be a donor

Last night I worked at the Fair with Vern and Kathleen – Vern received a lung transplant last year; Kathleen is his wife.  I love their enthusiasm!  They volunteered last year as well…only two months after Vern’s transplant!  Simply amazing. The shift we replaced was BUSY.  Sue, who works in our Communication Center, was there […]

Everyone's a winner

At our booths at the Minnesota State Fair we have a wheel, which fairgoers can spin for the opportunity to answer a question for a prize – either a lifesaver, pencil or wristband.  The wheel has always been a big hit, and we often have a line of children and adults waiting for a spin.  We […]

All in a day's work

Forty-one people registered to be an organ and tissue donor on day one at the Fair!  If you figure that each one of them has the potential to save up to 60 lives through organ and tissue donation, that’s more than 2,400 people whose lives could be renewed.  Not bad for a day’s work!  Our […]

"Instead of getting stuff at the Fair, you can GIVE something at the Fair."

The above quote comes courtesty of Jeffrey, photojournalist at KARE-11 who stopped by our booth in the education building this morning.  He was looking for another booth, but admitted that he’d been getting distracted with all of the fantastic things to see at the Fair.  When I told him we were sharing information about donation […]

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