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I am hope: Grace’s story

At one point, Jenny and Mike O’Masta prayed for more time for their tiny daughter. Now, they can hug her, kiss her, and even give her time outs. She’s normal—and even a little naughty sometimes, just like any other little kid. That wasn’t what doctors thought was in store for little Grace when she was […]

A remarkable meeting, 11 years in the making

Memorial Day weekend 2014 was a very special time for Donate Life Ambassador and grateful liver recipient, Linda Zelada. It was during this weekend that Linda had the extraordinary opportunity to meet her donor’s family, in person, almost 11 years after receiving her life-saving transplant. Linda says that the meeting was amazing and that she had dreamed of this day for […]

I am hope: Deb’s story

            Every day Deb Bowman works on behalf of the citizens of South Dakota as Senior Advisor to Governor Daugaard. The kidney transplant she received more than 12 years ago helps make that possible. Born with just one functioning kidney that began to fail, Deb’s quality of life was declining […]

I am hope: Mike and Tom

          Watch Mike and Tom’s story courtesy of KELO. Meet Mike and Tom, brothers who, along with their mother, were diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Fuch’s corneal dystrophy. Only a small percentage of people are diagnosed with this disease, which can cause a person to slowly go blind. Thanks to […]

I am hope: Tim’s Story

          Born and raised in South Dakota, Tim loves the outdoors. “I’ve become obsessed, if you will, with fly fishing. It’s one of my favorite things to do,” he shares. A heart attack when he was just 33 years old nearly took his life. Being listed for a heart transplant brought […]

I am hope: Karishma’s story

Today’s story is our hope for everyone – that those needing transplants will receive them and return to healthy, active lives.    Just look at Karishma, a vibrant teenager from Fargo, ND. Six years ago she received a liver transplant that save her life.  She was transformed from a child who could hardly eat, was tired all the […]

Lung Buddies

Fern and Sue are lung buddies, meaning they both received a single lung transplant from the same donor. Watch their story and be inspired by their gratefulness to their donor and donor family. [yframe url=’’]

A poem in honor of donors and donor families

Heart recipient Jim Swenson, from Willmar, MN,  shared this beautiful poem that he wrote shortly after his transplant in 2004 to recognize donors and donor families for the selfless gift of donation.  As he shared, “It’s just my way of trying to put into words how I feel.”    The unexpected knock, the unexpected call. […]

I am hope: David’s story

“To get up each day and be able to see the vivid colors and all the things going on around us is a gift so easily taken for granted.  I am blessed to have had that gift returned to me.” David is a wood turner who creates beautiful vases, bowls, and toys.  Most of the […]

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