Wrapped in Hugs

Earlier this year, LifeSource launched our Wrapped in Hugs program, with the goal of collecting handmade, donated knitted or crocheted wraps to be given to donor families at the time of donation. To date, we have received nearly 100 wraps from across the country and anticipate receiving hundreds more in the coming year! If you or someone you know would like to donate a wrap, please send your wrap to our St. Paul office. The hope for this program is that every donor family will feel embraced by the warmth of this special gift as they begin their grief journey.

If you don’t knit or crochet, you can also contribute to this worthy project by donating yarn and we will make sure to get it in the hands of someone who will make a wrap.

More information about the Wrapped in Hugs program can be found on our website.

Here are some of the beautiful wraps we have received so far!

Here are some of the beautiful wraps we have received so far!


  1. Amy Wolfson says:

    I have extra yarn-where do I mail it to? Thanks!

  2. Marj Schmitz says:

    Are you still collecting knitted items for the Wrapped in Hugs program? If so what are the sizes that you are looking for and where would I send them?

  3. Donna Berg says:

    So sorry you have decided to end your wrap program. I so enjoyed making them. I had such warm feelings after completing each wrap I made. I have been searching for area places to donate crochet items, but so far have come up dry.

    For many years I donated hats for newborns and chemo hats to Fairview Northland in Princeton, but stopped when I received a letter from them about 3yrs ago that left me feeling mad/disappointed/at loss for words. They had a specific pattern they wanted used (fine I could live with that, even tho the pattern took lots of yarn and time to make). They wanted only solid light pink and light blue hats (again I could comply with that—but I would liked to have used other baby colors also, to use up scraps from other projects and maybe put a strip in the hat or contrasting Pom Pom on top, but they said no). The third and final point they made in the letter was that any hats that measured less or more than their specified size of 5.5″ would be thrown away. I was totally miffed not every baby has a head that size, and to throw away something I donated my time nd money to provide to them left me appalled. Those hats could go to other hospitals In the Fair Jew system or even donated to local clothing shelters –there are 3 in Princeton.

    I was so delighted when I learned of your wrap program. Finally someone that would appreciate my donation. I am do sorry this did not work for you. If you should ever decide to resume the program please let me know. Donna

  4. Linda Kloster says:

    Please send me information about donating a crocheted wrap. Thank you

  5. Lisa Rawls says:

    I crochet and am with a group that looks for charities to craft things for a good cause. Please send me information on what you need and what exactly you are looking for. I am sure our group could help once we know the needs.

    Thank you,


  6. Lois Wright says:

    I will be making a blanket for you. Please send me an address to send you the blanket. Thanks AND God Bless You.

  7. Katrina Kesner says:

    What size wraps are needed and where do you send them too? Any specific colors?

  8. Debra Vis says:


    I am just asking for more information
    concerning the Wrapped in Hugs wraps.

    Specific information as it relates to what
    the size of the wraps should be and if we
    are to use certain patterns, yarns, etc.

    Thank you so much!


  9. Celeste says:


  10. Julia Jackson says:

    I am a crocheter. I would like to know if the wraps are shawls or lapghans? If you could get back to me and let me know that would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

  11. Penny says:

    Has this program been discontinued or are you still taking knitted and crocheted blankets?

  12. Cindy Shaw-Wilson says:

    Where would I send wraps?

  13. Elizabeth Sammons says:

    I received a heart from a donor family and I love to crochet. If I could comfort someone with my talent that would be awesome. Are there any specifics on size? Or any other requirements? Thanks Elizabeth

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