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Every year, tens of thousands of young people apply for their first driver’s license or state identification card and are presented with the opportunity to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor. Often, this may be one of the first adult decisions they make.

To help ensure that students have the information they need to make the decision that’s best for them, Minnesota law requires that all drivers’ education programs (public, private and commercial) include 30 minutes of instruction on organ, eye and tissue donation. We are committed to helping you fulfill that mandate and proudly offer materials free of charge with our program titled “Make Your Mark: Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation.”

To order brochures or request a speaker for your class, please contact Teresa Turner by email at or phone at 1.888.5.DONATE.

Resources and Downloads

Make Your Mark – Lesson Plan
This lesson plan is designed to be flexible – you can decide how the topic of organ, eye and tissue donation best fits within your curriculum and meets the state mandate of 30 minutes of donation education.

Make Your Mark – Share Your Decision Homework
This homework assignment gives students the opportunity to reflect on how they feel about what they’ve learned about donation and to share it with their family.

Make Your Mark Brochure
The Make Your Mark brochure can be ordered from LifeSource and includes a quiz about donation, our teen stories and a chart of transplantable organs and tissues.

Top 10 Facts
Your decision to save lives by registering to be an organ and tissue donor is a generous one. You may have some questions about what it means and how the process works, so we’ve provided the top 10 facts about organ and tissue donation.

Transplantable Organs and Tissues
One person can save and heal up to 60 lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Donation by the Numbers
How many people are waiting for a transplant? How many people can one person help? Find the numbers behind the stories here.


These materials were tailored for driver’s education programs and many of them can easily be adapted to other classroom or educational settings. We welcome educator involvement and look forward to collaborating with you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

This curriculum was developed in collaboration by LifeSource, Lions Gift of Sight and American Donor Services, produced by LaPalm & Company Productions and is supported by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s You & $2 grant program.

Make Your Mark Video Series

The Make Your Mark video was created with the input of young people in Minnesota who wanted to see authentic stories of teens touched by organ, eye and tissue donation. The featured stories show teenagers who have either given or received the gifts of life and sight. A synopsis is provided in the video guide, and an accompanying quiz and answer key are also available.

The video is flexible to fit curriculum needs of individual instructors, and can either be played in its entirety (21 minutes) or by choosing chapters (4 minutes each).

Christopher’s Story

Halley and Kayla’s Story

Anthony’s Story

Elliott’s Story