Making a Donation Referral

Please note:  This information is intended for medical professionals.
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All members of the healthcare team are responsible for identifying patients who meet the triggers for donation referrals.  Generally donation referrals are made by the bedside nurse caring for the patient, as they have the most complete picture of the patient’s status and care plan.  Call 1.800.247.4273 24 hours a day with all donation referrals.

All patients meeting triggers must be referred within one hour.

Do not mention donation to family.


1.  If the family mentions or has questions about donation or if you have questions.

2.  Ventilated and

  • Severe neurological injury (i.e. CVA, GSW, MVA, Anoxia, etc.)
  • GCS of < 5 or meets two of the following neurological indicators:  (no pain response, no triggering of the ventilator, no pupillary response, no corneal reflex, no cough, no gag, no doll’s eyes, no response to cold calorics)

3.  After the initial referral, if a decision is made to withdraw support, call prior to extubation or discontinuing life-sustaining therapy

4.  All patients who experience cardiac death (asystole), even if the patient has been previously referred.

Record the referral call number on the required hopsital document.

Here’s a copy of the Trigger Card to display or use for reference.