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Organ donation is a generous, selfless gift.

The donor’s legacy lives on when someone gets a second chance at life. ALifeSource, we are the first responders making organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation a reality. 

We receive the call about a potential donor, meet with grieving families to discuss donation, then transport organs tthose desperately awaiting the transplant. 

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Why Donation Matters

Donation offers healing to a family experiencing a loss and hope to the patient receiving the transplant.

  • 20 People die each day waiting for a transplant
  • 75 1 donor can heal more than 75 lives through eye and tissue donation
  • 8 1 donor can save up to 8 lives through organ donation

How Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Works

The donation process has been described as symphony; it takes many people working in concert to make the complex process happen.

Our Work

We save lives through donation and offer hope and healing.

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are the vital bridge between donors, their families and potential recipients.

At LifeSource, we have a clear purpose – to inspire the public to register and work with all of our partners to support donor families, manage the donation process, transport the gifts to the transplant center and lead our communities towards a culture of donation. 

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The Latest from LifeSource

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    A Son’s Mantra Rings True When Fulfilling His Decision To Be a Donor

    While nothing can take away the pain of losing someone you love, the Costello’s found that knowing Tom made a decision to be a donor helped with their healing.

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    Can I Be an Organ Donor and Donate My Body to Science?

    LifeSource will always work to honor the wishes of donors. Meeting cultural, spiritual and personal needs for care after death is one way we can honor the lives of these selfless individuals who said “yes” to helping others.

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    A Changed View: Funeral Director’s Perspective on Donation

    As a former funeral director, Kelley wasn’t always an advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation. Until she experienced first-hand how one woman’s life changed drastically thanks to a bone tissue transplant.

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    Live On: Christian’s Story

    “I told my son that I wanted him to grow up to be a good person. But actually, he taught me how to become a good person.”

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    Five Facts About Eye Donation

    This small gift makes a huge difference.

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Together, we are champions of hope.

As a part of the Donate Life network, our Check the Box public awareness campaign aims to inspire registration and remove misconceptions by sharing a simple message: anyone can register as a donor – a decision that saves lives.

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