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About Donation

The gift of life – a generous and selfless gift of hope

Each day, 16 people die waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and a new name is added to the transplant waiting list every 8 minutes. Together with our partners, donor families, and the community we work towards one goal – that no one dies waiting.

Join those who have checked the box “Yes” already. Check out these 3 easy ways you can register to become a donor today.

Our Impact

Since 1989, over 18,000 families have been guided through organ, eye and tissue donation

  • 5,346 Organ Donors
  • 11,198 Tissue Donors
  • 1,846 Eye Donors

How organ donation works

Donation has been described as an orchestra; it takes many people working in concert to make the process happen in a short period of time. Check out these donation FAQs for more information or watch this video to learn more about the donation process.

Step 1: Patient Assessment
Step 2: Hospital Calls LifeSource
Step 3: Family Discussion
Step 4: Medical Evaluation
Step 5: Matching
Step 6: Surgical Recovery, Preservation & Transport

Donation myths

There are many questions and myths around organ, eye and tissue donation. Unfortunately, people often disqualify themselves as potential donors by citing misconceptions. Check out these videos to get the facts and learn that regardless of your age, race, religion, or health you can still share the gift of life.

Am I healthy enough to be a donor?

Does race play a role in organ, eye or tissue donation?

Which religions support organ, eye and tissue donation?

Am I too old to be a donor?

Donate Life Logo LifeSource Campaign

The power of human connection

As part of the Donate Life network, our Check the Box public awareness campaign aims to inspire registration and remove misconceptions by sharing a simple message: anyone can register as a donor – a decision that saves lives.

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