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Resources for Hospital Professionals

Below are resources to reference and guide you throughout the donation process. Please don’t hesitate to call your LifeSource Hospital Liaison for general information or call LifeSource at 1-800-247-4273 for real-time assistance.


Your Role: The Step-by-Step Donation Process

Step 1: Referral
Step 2: Hospital Declares Death
Step 3: Donor Designation
Step 4: Family Discussion
Step 5: Donor Management
Step 6: Surgical Recovery

Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Education

Training Resources for Hospital Staff

Below are two resources available to learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation. Please don’t hesitate to call your LifeSource Hospital Liaison for general information or call LifeSource at 1-800-247-4273 for real-time assistance.

  • Hospital Staff Online Course: Introduction to Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

    • Explain the nursing responsibilities in the donation process including communication with the procurement organization.
    • Identify the triggers for placing a call to the donation referral line.
    • Advocate for potential donors and recipients.
  • Watch New Nurse Orientation Video

    Better understand your role in the donation process, how to identify triggers for donation and how to be an advocate for potential donation.

News & Stories For Our Hospital Partners

View all updates for our hospital partners.

  • January 12, 2021 in Industry & Innovation, Our Partners

    DCD Heart Trials: A Life-Saving Innovation

    An emerging technique known as donation after circulatory death may help address the shortage of viable hearts for transplant.

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  • March 25, 2020 in Our Partners, Stories

    Video: Donor Families Thank Hospital Care Teams Who Make Donation Possible

    It takes a team to carry out the mission of saving and healing lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. Thank you to hospital care teams for their contribution and care for families during this process.

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LifeSource acknowledges everyone’s participation at huddles and makes sure everyone on the hospital staff is prepared. The letter our unit receives after the donation acknowledges each hospital team member by name, thanking them. After being through such a rough experience, this fills us up, to know so many people were helped.

Nurse Manager of a Donor Hospital
Have Questions?

Reach out to your LifeSource liaison.

Our hospital liaisons are a resource for more than 270 hospitals in our region. They help hospitals maintain their donation programs by assisting with policy and protocol development, analyzing data, preparing for regulatory surveys and providing education on the donation process.

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