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How to Register

There are 4 easy ways you can register to become a donor

  1. Register online. It’s easy! Visit your state’s online registry: Minnesota | North Dakota | South Dakota | Wisconsin | (National)
  2. Register to be a donor on your state ID card or driver’s license. Simply check the box on your application when renewing or applying at the license center or by mail.
  3. Register when applying for your hunting and fishing license. Minnesotans also have the opportunity to register as a donor when applying for their hunting and fishing license online. Get your hunting and fishing license.
  4. Sign up to be a donor in the Health App of any Apple mobile device like your iPhone or iPad. Click here to learn how in just a few taps.
Person filling out a form
Donation Registration Rates

Join those who have checked the box “Yes” already

  • 58% 58% Minnesota Registration Rate
  • 62% 62% South Dakota Registration Rate
  • 55% 55% North Dakota Registration Rate
  • 48% 48% National Registration Rate

Reasons why you should register

  1. Your loved ones. Documenting your wishes about donation takes that decision off your family later. It also can provide them with a sense of purpose and healing in a time of pain and loss. After you register, talk to your family about your decision. Check out these stories of donation.
  2. Your decision helps others. One donor can save and heal more than 75 people. More than 100,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving transplant. That list could someday include someone you love.
  3. Your values and legacy. Donating is the most generous and selfless gift you can give.