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Professional Partners

You play an important role in the donation process

The success of the donation process depends on the coordinated efforts, collaboration and expertise between our team and our trusted network of partners. Behind every donor story there are many dedicated professionals from hospitals, DMV offices, organ transplant centers, State agencies, State hospital associations, medical examiner offices, funeral homes, and other medical organizations who work with us to make the gift of life a reality.

With your partnership, we can help more people achieve higher standards and seek excellence in care as we pursue our mission of saving and healing lives.

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Facility Partners

Processors and transplant centers are essential partners who share our mission to save and heal lives


It’s our goal to eliminate financial factors for donor families

We recognize that supporting donation can require extra resources, and LifeSource will continue to be responsible for the costs that are above your standard funeral fees. Our team will work with you to ensure that no fee associated with donation is passed on to the family. We appreciate your collaboration and shared respect for the families we serve.

Review our guidelines and how to submit your reimbursement form.

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LifeSource team members are caring and supportive of my team. LifeSource feels strongly about organ, eye and tissue donation and it shows in their compassionate care for families. They make my staff feel valued and appreciated.

Director, Intensive Care Unit, Donor Hospital
Have Questions?

The LifeSource team is here to help

Each of our employees play an integral role in our life-saving work, using their passion, unique talents and skills to drive our mission forward. It is our goal to support the needs of our partners and provide the highest level of care for the families we serve.

Let us know how else we can assist you.

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