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Information for Hospice & Long-Term Care Partners

Hospice partners, thank you for your partnership in honoring decisions around tissue and eye donation. Donation can help families with the grieving process and is an important topic for families to discuss if the loved one hasn’t documented their decision.

Learn more about how donation works.

How to Refer

To preserve potential for donation, all patients must be referred WITHIN 1 HOUR if patient has cardiac time of death or family mentions donation.

Call LifeSource: 1-800-247-4273
Patient Information that may be requested:

  • Demographics:
    – Caller name and Company
    – Patient’s name and location-name of facility, address and phone #
    – DOB, Sex, Race
    – Cardiac time of death or time last seen alive
  • Medical History:
    – Height and weight
    – Include all diagnosis, cause of death. Past medical history.
    – WBC’s, temps, fluids given?
    – Physical assessment: trauma, open sores, infection, jaundice, edema.
  • Family:
    – Legal next of kin (LNOK). Has family mentioned donation?
    – Family contacts, phone number
    – Healthcare directive
    – Funeral home information
    – Medical Examiner involvement
Nursing Care

Hospice Client FAQs

Have Questions?

If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our LifeSource liaison: