How to register as a donor

Your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor saves lives!  It’s important to document your decision and tell your family and friends that you want to save lives through donation.

Check the box

Licensed drivers and state ID card holders can register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor by indicating their decision to donate on their application. Donation information is available in all driver’s license offices in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

In these states, if you document your decision to be a donor (on your license, ID card, online or otherwise in writing) it is legally binding. If a minor has the opportunity to be a donor and has registered on their permit or driver’s license, their parents or guardians must affirm their decision.

Go online

Residents of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota can register to be a donor online. Click on your state to visit the online registry.

Minnesota | North Dakota | South Dakota

Tell your family

Whether you’ve documented your decision on your driver’s license or registered online, please remember to share your decision with your family. At the time of your death, LifeSource will work with your family to honor your decision to save lives through donation.

As part of the process of ensuring the health and safety of the organs and tissues made available for transplant, a LifeSource coordinator will compassionately ask your family questions about your medical and social history. You can view the questionnaire here.