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Alicia Nolan

Photo of Alicia Nolan

January 16, 1988 – October 8, 2011

Submitted by Pat and Angie Nolan, parents

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl, Alicia

Why did you have to leave?

You couldn’t see the love

Of all who are left behind to grieve

Beautiful girl, there’s a river of tears

Loved ones have wept in pain

Our hearts’ are sadly broken

Our lives will never be the same

And one can’t understand the darkness

That creeps into a troubled mind

Or the demons that torment you

Into leaving this world behind

If good can come from tragedy

As a troubled soul leaves this world

Will the boy who can see, know that

His eyes once belonged to a beautiful girl?

The soft spoken gentle one

With a smile to melt your heart

Carefree on the streets of Heaven

Driving a stick-shift car

So, too soon you’ve taken angels wings

And left this earthly world

But may your flower, Azalea always know

Her mother was a beautiful girl.