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Donor Family Quilt Square

Andrea Cleveland

Andrea Cleveland

Quilt square submitted by: Janet Christenson, mother of Andrea’s lung recipient

Tribute submitted by: Marlene Cleveland, Andrea’s mother

Our daughter Andrea was a bright, beautiful and outgoing girl, always on the go! Andrea really did have a smile that lit up a room and a laugh that would take over and make you forget all of your worries for a moment!! You could be having a bad day and if Andrea would walk into a room with a smile and a giggle, that is all it took to make the sun shine on a cloudy day…and yes she did have her bad days too, breakups and tears like a normal teenager and an excuse for mom to hug her!!

Andrea loved swimming, camping, going to Nascar races, going hunting with family, cheering, hanging with friends and she loved her family…and I better not forget shoes too. Andrea looked up to her sister Angie and loved picking on her two brothers Jeris and Justin. She also had a goal to make it to Florida one day to visit her brother John and his wife Julie, but never made it there. Andrea’s religion was important to her as was God.

At only the age of 16 Andrea died as a result of a car accident, it was her choice to be a donor!! We miss and Love Andrea so very much… Our Hero our Angel!! We now have two beautiful recipients in our lives because of her choice to be a donor…a little boy who got her liver and a 29 year old woman who got her lungs, they are our family now!!