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Bonnie Jo Bleed Kelley

Photo of Bonnie Jo Bleed Kelley

September 16, 1959 – October 21, 2003

Submitted by Donna S. Walz, sister

Our Bonnie was a loving daughter, sister, and aunt. She grew up the youngest of three girls, our “baby” sister. She loved working in her flower gardens, and being warmed in the sunshine. She loved a good joke! She had a collection of many angels, now she is in the hands of Angels with God.

Bonnie believed in helping others and shared her time unselfishly. She volunteered on a hospice ethics committee and animal shelters, even as she devoted her adult life to caring for her late husband, Neal, and “the Kids” Sir Fredik, a dog, and Lady Alexandra, a cat rescued from an abusive home.

She helped others quietly and as an organ donor. In her death she helped so many others and asked for nothing in return.

Bonnie was a dedicated friend to her parents and sisters and an aunt to her sister’s children. This quilt block was cross-stitched with love by her sister.