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Donor Family Quilt Square

Eric “Jay” Douglas Kolstad

Photo of Eric “Jay” Douglas Kolstad

February 21, 1982 – June 18, 2006

Submitted by Doug and Sue Kolstad, father and stepmother

Since Eric was his father’s only child, the three primary colors were used. The electric blue background represents Eric’s beautiful blue eyes as well as the Sea of Cortez where some of Eric’s ashes will be distributed. The bright yellow ring represents the circle of life as well as the sunshine and joy that Eric brought to those who knew him. The red hearts depict the roles he held within his family. Gold metallic thread was used to represent gold nuggets which Eric helped mine in Alaska, a state in which some of his ashes will also be placed.

Clockwise around the circle are the following representative fabric swatches:

• A wood duck which he trained to be a pet when very young and which was just one of his many unusual and varied pets throughout the years

• A sunfish as Eric lived on a northern lake when young and he continued to enjoy fresh water fishing throughout his life

• A chocolate lab to signify the puppy he received on his last (24th) birthday and which he was proudly training at the time of his death

• Mallard ducks to illustrate his love of hunting various water fowl

• A trigger fish to represent Eric’s enjoyment of salt water fishing

• A deer to represent his encounters and successes at the family hunting camp