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Gordy Heuring

Photo of Gordy Heuring

January 23, 1943 – July 21, 2008

Submitted by Sharon Heuring, wife

Gordy was a soul mate to his wife of almost 41 years and, in his quiet manner, loved and mentored his five sons and four grandchildren. He was committed to marriage and family. He was optimistic, calm and wise. He was a simple man with beautiful sparkling blue eyes. He believed in recycling and repairing rather than throwing away and buying new. There was never any question in his mind that he would be an organ/tissue donor and indicated so on his driver’s license.

Gordy worked long and hard hours as a pharmacist. Even though he was faithful to his family, he was also dedicated to his calling to administer to the sick. When others asked him questions, he eagerly took the time to research for information and alternatives. Then he patiently and simply communicated that knowledge, never pushing or leading in one direction or another unless asked for his opinion and advice. He allowed each person the freedom to make their own choices. He touched many lives in that capacity.

Gordy grew up on a farm and continued to garden in the back yard of his home. He was known among family members for eating a wide variety of vegetables and always making certain those particular bowls were empty before leaving the table. He was delighted and appreciative when his wife shopped at the Farmer’s Market or Natural Food Cooperative and was introduced to different foods and ways to prepare them. He had recently made the switch from growing vegetables to growing herbs from seed.

Gordy was ready to retire in six months. He had projects planned and dreams to fulfill. He looked forward to buying himself a lap top computer and a new car, having more time to read newspapers, follow the weather, travel, garden, and expand his horizons both intellectually and spiritually. Gordy enjoyed the changing of the seasons – shoveling snow or mowing the lawn were refreshing and relaxing to him and not considered work. He rarely complained. He found his God in nature and in his garden, in quietness and in solitude.