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James Byron Erickson

James Byron Erickson

May 9, 1979 – June 14, 2003

Submitted by Ernest and Brenda Erickson, parents, and Michael Erickson, brother

James Byron Erickson was born in Bismarck, North Dakota on May 9, 1979. He started school in BECEP, and then went on to Jeanette Myhre, then Wachter Middle, and then graduated Bismarck High. Jim then left for the military in June of 1998; he served two years, one in Korea, got out with an honorable discharge.

Everybody that knew Jim loved them; nobody could say a bad word about James. He was everybody’s best friend, the people he worked with, friends (Homies), and family alike. James passed away on June 14th, 2003 from a brain aneurysm. His coworkers at Sears brought a Bur Oak tree and plaque for him located in Seratoma Park, Shelter Four; and his friends (Homies) bought him a star located in Perseus RA 4th 6m 30” D 35’ 30’; the star is located in the International Star Registry book. Jim also got a medal for being a donor, he saved five people’s lives.

James loved playing his bass guitar, being with family and friends, playing Nintendo or football with his brother Mike, and friends. Jim’s favorite team was the 49ers. It seemed that he got a lot of people interested in football. He had a heart of gold. He knew how to make you smile. A lot of people thought of Jim as being very wise.

His parents are Ernest B. and Brenda F. (Holweg) Erickson, his brother is Michael E. Erickson, and the family dog, Solo B. Erickson. His grandparents are Vernon W. and Sandra J. (Hagen) Erickson, Darlene J. (Pinks) Ellis, and Everett H. and Linda L. (Robinson) Holweg.