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Donor Family Quilt Square

Kelsey Mary Richmond

Photo of Kelsey Mary Richmond

June 20, 1989 – November 24, 2006

Submitted by Sahra Eggert, sister

Kelsey was a very loving daughter, sister, grand-daughter, friend, niece and cousin. She was always so full of life and is greatly missed by everyone whose life she touched.

About the quilt square:

Kelsey’s grandma Anita made the quilt square in memory of her with lots of love. We wanted the quilt square to resemble Kelsey’s personality. Her favorite color was pink so we choose mostly pink fabric. The beautiful picture was her senior picture as she was in the midst of her senior year of high school. The embroidered butterfly has become a symbol for Kelsey. She passed away 7 months shy of her 18th birthday and she had planned on getting this butterfly that she had drawn as a tattoo on her birthday. This butterfly is also on her grave stone and some cousins and friends have gotten the tattoo in memory of her.

As we are approaching the 10th anniversary of her becoming an angel, we couldn’t be more proud that she decided to become an organ donor at such a young age. Kelsey will be forever in our hearts as well as the lives she touched through organ donation.