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Rick Shoebottom

Photo of Rick Shoebottom

October 16, 1949 – May 23, 2015

Submitted by Bonnie Shoebottom, wife

Rick was known among his peers for a few distinct characteristics: his appetite, his strength and his endurance! The Ice Cream Shoppe fabric piece represents Rick’s ability to find just about any DQ in the metro area, and some farther afield! As a TCBC Ride Leader and exuberant multi-level ride participant, he was happy to encourage others as they improved at whatever level of cycling they were doing, even while challenging himself to go harder and faster. He also participated in several Time Trial competitions and local practice drills, sometimes with a partner, along with many amateur road races. Rick was fiercely competitive, but in a benign way; the teamwork was, at the end of the day, more important than the final result. The grin was there on his face even if he didn’t place. The small medallion is from the first race that we did together (wherein he did place!). Rick also enjoyed the weekend getaways that participating in these events often required. His (our) truck and 5th wheel camper were prized rewards for his work ethic and he enjoyed taking them out as often as possible. Finally, he knew we were soulmates and he would sign his little notes to me as such!