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Donor Family Quilt Square

Terry Lynn Kreminski

Photo of Terry Lynn Kreminski

July 4, 1979 – August 2, 2004

Submitted by Rose Kreminski, sister

This quilt square is dedicated in loving memory of Terri Lynn Kreminski. Terri became an organ and tissue donor on August 2, 2004.

The making of this quilt square has helped the family in many ways by helping us remember who she was as a person, feeling proud of her generous gift that is helping other today, but most of all feeling proud that by making this square, it’s helping others understand the need to donate.

This quilt square symbolizes the kind of person she was. The dolphin on the square was Terri’s favorite animal; a very courageous, strong-willed, independent, loving creature. Very much like Terri. The black background and gold thread used on the square were the two colors Terri said looked by sophisticated when they were put together. They were also the two colors that she incorporated into her home décor. Finally the blue thread used on the square was Terri’s favorite color.

Terri was not only a loving sister or daughter but a person who had a great personality, and a beautiful smile. Terri loved helping others especially elderly people, making a difference in their lives. Now Terri carries on those gifts to those who need it the most. Terri will be missed very deeply by her family and friends. The feeling of happiness with Terri’s gift to donate life and the memory of her will live in all our hearts forever.