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Writing to transplant recipients

Sometimes donor family members choose to write to the recipients of their loved one’s organs to share information about their loved one. The decision to write is a deeply personal one.

We encourage you to write if and when it feels right to you. If you choose to write a letter, please send it to one of our donor family advocates who will review your letter to ensure confidentiality and then forward it to the recipient’s transplant center, who will then forward it to the recipient. Please feel free to send a greeting card, a letter or photos.

Will I hear back?

Just as your decision to write to your loved one’s recipients is deeply personal, so is the decision for transplant recipients to write to their donor’s family. We cannot garuantee that you will recieve a letter in return.

The brochure Writing to Transplant Recipients (PDF) offers more information and guidance to help you write this deeply personal letter. If you would like further assistance or have questions, please feel free to call or email our donor family advocates, Jill Halimi or Heather Schmitt.