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The LifeSource Golf Classic

About the Event

The LifeSource Golf Classic will be held on Monday, September 16, 2024 at Majestic Oaks Golf Club. We look forward to a great afternoon of golf, friendly competitions, great food and camaraderie, and – most importantly – a chance to make a difference! Proceeds from this tournament support education about organ, eye and tissue donation; as well as support donor family care.

Monday, September 16, 2024 – Registration opens in June 2024!
Majestic Oaks Golf Club
701 Bunker Lake Blvd., Ham Lake, MN 55304

10:00 a.m. Golfer check-in
11:20 a.m. Welcome
11:30 a.m. Shot gun start
4:00 p.m. Happy Hour, Dinner & Program

Are you interested in attending or getting involved the Golf Classic? Let us know!

LifeSource Golf Classic event golfers

Where the Golf Classic Started –
Inspiring Millions Since 1995

Terri OppAs parents, we do whatever we can to support, nurture and encourage our children. For Jim and Marilyn Opp that was certainly true.

When their daughter, Terri, developed heart issues at a young age, they sought care, treatment and answers to the heart disease that plagued their daughter throughout childhood and into adulthood. They encouraged Terri to approach her challenges with a positive, can-do attitude, and she did. Despite numerous surgeries and treatments, Terri eventually was listed on the transplant list for a new heart. A heart which did not come in time to save Terri’s life.

Even though a transplant wasn’t meant to be for Terri, she was able to be a tissue and eye donor, offering hope and healing to someone else.

For more than twenty-four years, Jim and Marilyn, along with their family and friends, old and new, have been steadfast in their determination to create a world where no one need wait for a life-saving organ transplant. Through sharing Terri’s story and the facts about organ donation, they have helped increase awareness and encouraged countless individuals to check the box. Since that time, millions of people have registered their decision and checked the box to save lives.

Get involved at this year’s event.

From honoring a legacy to contributing to the silent auction, find out how you can get involved.