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A Special Tribute at the 10th Annual Scott Houle Golf Tournament

Motivated to make a difference, to inspire others to support organ donation, and to celebrate life, the family and friends of Scott Houle have hosted a golf tournament to raise funds for more than 10 years.

Over the past 11 years, the family and friends of Scott Houle have gathered at Oneka Ridge Golf Club just north of White Bear Lake to share stories, tears and laughter about a man who touched their lives in so many ways. Plans had been underway to have a big celebration in the summer of 2020, but because of COVID-19, those plans were delayed until July of 2021.

With a full slate of teams on hand for the golf tournament, and family and friends arriving from across the country, the stage was set for a celebration on July 10th! Heart recipient, Pam Tredway, and her daughter (Beth) son-in-law (Tony), and grandchildren, (Hazell, Clark, and David Scott) were on hand to mark the occasion.

Several tributes and special messages were shared during a program at the end of the day. The most poignant and emotion-filled was the presentation of stuffed bears, created by Pam, using cloth from some of Scott’s prized KISS shirts that she’d requested from Linda (Scott’s mom) the year before. Inside each bear, was a recording of Scott’s heartbeat, which lives on in Pam. Scott’s mom, Linda, his brothers, Todd and Randy, and sisters, Jodi and Kim, each received a bear of their own.

Five family members stand on stage, each with stuffed bear
Pam gives Scott’s Mother, sisters and brothers heartbeat bears. Photo by Teri Bodine-Kohler.

In that moment, there were no dry eyes.

Each year, Scott’s humor, hi-jinks, and legendary stories are celebrated by those who are gathered. It is clear that there is something special about this bond and this group of people. The connections are deep. From Minnesota to Indiana – Linda and Pam’s families have grown close – because of the connection through Scott’s heart.

The 2021 tournament generated funds for scholarships for two White Bear Lake high school students in Scott’s name, and an amazing $25,000 for LifeSource – to inspire others to check the box and be a donor, just as Scott had done many years ago.

LifeSource team member, Laura Kelly Lovdahl, notes  “As I visit with those who golf or simply come to spend time with the Houle family on tournament day, I hear repeatedly how they have been inspired by Pam, inspired by Linda and her family, inspired by Scott. I hear about how they made a personal decision to register as a donor because of Scott, or because of learning more about donation after coming to this tournament over the years. The ripple effects of that “yes” decision that Scott made many years ago continues to grow. What an incredible legacy from an incredible person.”

And what a tremendous gift – the gift of life – for Pam and her family, and for Scott’s family and friends as well.

“Rock on!” as Scott would say. “Rock on!”

Registering to be a donor leaves instructions for your loved ones about the legacy you want to leave behind. Registering online is quick and easy.