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Ambassador Spotlight – Charlie Rose

More than 250 Donate Life Ambassadors in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin selflessly share their time and personal stories about donation and transplant so that people in our communities can make a decision about registering to be a donor.

Charlie Rose, Maplewood, MN

What is your connection to donation and/or transplantation?
Liver transplant recipient 12/12/2018

How long have you been a LifeSource Donate Life Ambassador?
One year

What are some of the volunteer activities you do as a Donate Life Ambassador?
Worked the booth at events to promote donation.

Favorite memory or experience while volunteering as a Donate Life Ambassador.
Talking to family members of someone who had a family member become a donor.

Personal facts you would like to share: family, hobbies, etc.
I saw my son graduate from college. I love hockey and rock concerts.

Any advice for other Ambassadors?
Tell your story and how the transplant changed your life.