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Ambassador Spotlight – Robyn Prudhomme

More than 250 Donate Life Ambassadors in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin selflessly share their personal stories about donation and transplant so that people in our communities can make a decision about registering to be a donor.

Robyn Prudhomme, Woodbury, MN

What is your connection to donation and/or transplantation?
Donor Spouse

How long have you been a LifeSource Donate Life Ambassador?
Four Years

What are some of the volunteer activities you do as a Donate Life Ambassador?
I speak to medical professionals and share my late husband’s donor story. I participate in community events promoting Life Source and Donate Life.

Favorite memory or experience while volunteering as a Donate Life Ambassador.
I was able to meet two of the men my husband saved through organ donation! Beautiful ♥️

Personal facts you would like to share: family, hobbies, etc.
I am the mom of three sons with 9 grandchildren! Winter of 2019, I purchased a brand new 32 foot RV and drove to Texas, spent 3 months there avoiding Minnesota’s winter and drove home to Spring! What an adventure!

Any advice for other Ambassadors?
Share your story. Speak from your heart. It’s ok to cry while sharing your story!