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Ambassador Spotlight – Steve Romenesko

More than 250 Donate Life Ambassadors in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin selflessly share their personal stories about donation and transplant so that people in our communities can make a decision about registering to be a donor.

Steve Romenesko, South St Paul, MN

What is your connection to donation and/or transplantation?
2x liver recipient.

How long have you been a LifeSource Donate Life Ambassador?
About a year now!

What are some of the volunteer activities you do as a Donate Life Ambassador?
All of the activities I’ve done I’ve really loved – the first few I did were volunteer at festivals talking to individuals at the LifeSource booth where I get a lot of questions, thanks, and stories from those passing by. I also have volunteered at the capital a few times meeting with legislators and serving as an advocate for organ donation on behalf of LifeSource.

Favorite memory or experience while volunteering as a Donate Life Ambassador.
For Donate Life Day at the Capital I walked up the Capital steps and thought “I’m here on official business.” As a politics nerd that’s dreamed of meeting with representatives to help spread awareness and access to organ donation.

Personal facts you would like to share: family, hobbies, etc.
I live in South St Paul with my partner, Mackenzie, and my cat, Gordon. I grew up in Wisconsin and had both my transplants at the University Hospital in Madison. For fun I like to bike, run, read, and bake bread in my free time. Oftentimes on the weekend you can find me at a coffee shop around the Twin Cities. I also am a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan and love baseball in all forms!

Any advice for other Ambassadors?
I’ve had my best times as an Ambassador when I do something outside of my comfort zone. It’s an awesome way to get know people and to get out there in the community.