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Eye Donation Explained

A simple introduction into why the most common type of donation is so important.

The oldest eye donor in Minnesota history was 107 years old! Eye donation is the most common of all donations, with more than 80,000 people worldwide receiving corneal transplants each year.

One eye donor alone can help heal up to 10 people. Corneas from one donor can actually be transplanted into two people. The Sclera can be divided into eight parts and used to repair disease or trauma to the eye. What’s more, the entire eye can be used for education and medical research.

Over 70,000 people donate their eyes each year and every 7 minutes someone receives a corneal transplant. But that’s not all, since 1961 over two million people have had their eye sight restored through corneal transplants.

Your medical history is an important factor but it may not prevent you from becoming an eye donor. Those who have had prior surgeries like LASIK, anyone who has poor eyesight, chronic illness or even many cancers can still donate.

So remember that anyone can register to be an organ eye and tissue donor online, in the health app or at the DMV.

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