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From the Brink of Loss to the Heights of Joy – Grace’s Story

At one point, Jenny and Mike O’Masta prayed for more time for their tiny daughter. Now, they can hug her, kiss her, and even give her time outs. She’s normal—and even a little naughty sometimes, just like any other little kid.

That wasn’t what doctors thought was in store for little Grace when she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy shortly after birth. On mechanical support, she had a stroke.

The O’Mastas were told there was little to be done. She couldn’t even wait for a heart transplant, she was just too sick. But somehow, miraculously, Grace came through. She held fast to this life. Her parents and sister held fast to her.

In three short years, Grace again entered heart failure. Back on the Berlin heart, she was listed for transplant.

Four hundred and forty-five days they waited. That’s five seasons. Autumn came twice before the O’Mastas got their good news: Grace would receive a transplant.

A heart, from another child, given in the darkest of moments by a family unknown to them was now a gift to Grace, so that she could survive.

Just 12 days later, Grace left the hospital. Her wait was over. It was time for her to live.

These days, six year old Grace likes to go faster (riding horses and ATVs), swing higher (in total delight), and get into a little bit of trouble (like any kid likes to do). From the brink of loss, to the heights of joy—Grace has seen it all in her short time in this world. Is it any wonder she wants to live life more fully, more vividly, with this new gift that beats in her little chest?

She is a growing girl, with a family that loves her, and fun awaits, made possible by one special family who said yes.