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Pulse Check: Hospital Partner Support Survey

LifeSource values the strong collaboration we have with our hospital partners. In November of 2020, we sought feedback to understand the experience with LifeSource processes during COVID-19.

We are grateful to the 63 hospital team members from throughout our three states who during a very busy time responded. The input provided will assist us in our continued evaluation and improvement of our services.

Next Steps

This feedback aligns with the current LifeSource direction to solidify communication planning processes with hospital care teams and increase on-site family support and donor management.

A communication resource was implemented in December 2020 to serve as a process guide for care, coordination and support planning at the start of donor management.

During the first quarter of 2021, LifeSource is increasing our presence in your ICUs in support of families and to partner with your teams. This will be a phased approach, beginning with LifeSource coming on-site when family care conferences are scheduled OR families are considering end-of-life decisions. Your communication in these circumstances is so appreciated, and as always, please contact us any time you have questions or would recommend our presence on-site.

Continued gratitude and admiration for all you are doing, including your leadership in donation.