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Meet Our Team: Kathy Jolly, Medical Evaluation & Donation Referral Coordinator

A broad set of skills and a passion for helping others are what Kathy uses everyday to save lives.

In 2008 Kathy had working at a family practice clinic and was looking for opportunities to work in a transplant clinic. Her interest was piqued when she came across the LifeSource job listing for the Donor Services Center.  After a couple rounds of interviews, she was hired.

As a Medical Evaluation and Donation Referral Coordinator, Kathy emphasized that the job is tough – talking to grieving families – but here she is still today. She’s committed to the mission of saving lives. She likes to talk with the nurses and hospital partners and the families too. The toughest – but also the best part – is talking with families.

“There are days where I walk away and I don’t know if I can do it anymore. Then, there is a day when you talk to a family member and it brings you back to reality. This is why I do what I do.“

In her role, Kathy and her team are the first people hospital staff talk to when calling to report a death. As the starting point for tissue and eye donation, their assessment of donation potential is critical. When there is potential, Kathy offers families the opportunity to save live through donation, creating a legacy for their loved one. This requires a unique skill set that combines critical analysis with compassionate and care.

As a Medical Evaluation and Donation Referral Coordinator, Kathy can see the Transplant Wait List each day. “Sometimes you’ll see the same name over and over again because they’re waiting. One woman waited for over 3 years for a 1A heart. Then finally, she got it and even though I didn’t know her and wasn’t involved in her getting the heart, I celebrated.” A year later Kathy was on the phone with the woman’s doctor and asked how she was doing. He couldn’t believe Kathy remembered her and how long she waited and was happy to say she was doing well.

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