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New Donation Awareness Materials at Minnesota DMVs

It’s your decision: New donor stickers and organ donation education mini cards inspire Minnesotans to “Check the Box.”

You may notice something new next time you visit the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office.

LifeSource, American Donor Services and Lions Gift of Sight have made it easier for Minnesotans to learn about donation and celebrate those who check YES on the DONOR box – with every license application and renewal visit to the DMV. 

Starting August 2022, two new materials will be handed out to anyone applying for or renewing their license. 

If you check YES on the DONOR Box: Wear your “I registered to save lives” sticker with pride.

On behalf of the 3,000+ Minnesotans on the transplant waiting list, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for checking the box – you are a hero! Every registration counts. As a registered organ donor, you can save and heal more than 75 lives. That’s a small gesture with a big impact.

If you leave the DONOR box blank – or say no to being a donor: you will receive mini donation card with additional information.

To support the community in making a decision, LifeSource advocated with Minnesota legislators to initiate a process where customers who say “no,” to donation must be given information on the subject (171.07, subdivision 5).

If you don’t decide prior to your death whether or not you want to become an organ, eye and tissue donor; your loved ones will have the opportunity to make that decision on your behalf. Therefore, it is incredibly important to document your decision and share your decision with your loved ones. 

Need answers before making a decision? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.

Be Minnesota Nice: Why You Should Consider Registering as an Organ Donor 

In Minnesota, we take care of our neighbors in need. Although most Minnesotans support donation, only 58% of the customers who renew their license or ID card each month check the “donor” box. That means 42% do not. We need to do more.

Right now, around 3,000 Minnesotans are waiting for a life-saving transplant. And, every 9 minutes a new name is added to the national transplant waiting list. Unfortunately, there are more people waiting for an organ transplant than donors available – making it incredibly important for those who support donation to register. More registered donors mean more of those lives are saved. 

Documenting your wishes about donation takes that decision off your family later. It also can provide them with a sense of purpose and healing in a time of pain and loss.  

It takes everyone in our community to make this mission possible. The next time you visit your local DMV to apply for – or renew your driver’s license, we encourage you to check YES on the DONOR box. 

Want to inspire others to check the box? Here are a few tips:  

  • Share a “I registered!” selfie on social media. Don’t forget to tag us with the hashtag #DonateLife.  
  • Now that you’ve made your mark, we encourage you to share your decision with your family and friends. Here are some tips for sharing your decision.