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What Donation Means

For transplant recipients and donor families, donation is transformative. Donation is hope.

When we hear the term organ, eye and tissue donation, we often think of the What, How, and Why: What is donation? How does it work? Why is it needed and why is it important?

But, to those who have a personal connection to donation and transplantation, there is so much more. To those individuals, donation is personal. It is emotional. It is life-changing and it is life-saving. 

Transplant Recipients

For Transplant Recipients, donation means a second chance at life and more time. More time with family. More time with friends. More time to experience the joys of life.  

Quotes from transplant recipients

The impact of donation also touches the lives of the families and friends who love and support those in need of a transplant, and who benefit from the renewed life and improved health of their loved one. 

Quotes from transplant recipient family members

Donor Families

For Donor Family Members, donation can provide hope and healing and a lasting legacy for their loved one. Many Donor Families share that it is comforting to know that their loved one lives on in others through the gift of donation.

Quotes from donor family members

Donation is Life-saving. Donation is Healing. Donation is Hope.