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Reimbursement Guidelines

We recognize donation can require extra resources, and LifeSource will continue to be responsible for costs that are above the standard. Donor families have been advised that they are not responsible for additional expenses related to the gift of donation. We appreciate your collaboration and shared respect for the families we serve.

Please bill any additional charges related to donation to LifeSource and not the family.

LifeSource Reimbursement Guidelines for Donation Related Services

  • Organ donors without autopsy: $100
  • Heart valve exclusive donors without autopsy: $100 (No reimbursement when autopsy follows heart valve or organ donation)
  • Tissue donors including bone, tendons, fascia, vessels and pericardium: $200
  • Skin donors: $100

To be reimbursed for your services, please submit the following:

  1. A bill from your funeral home listing only charges specific to LifeSource. Please note: the previous form is no longer accepted. 
  2. A completed embalming report.
  3. A completed form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Once this is on file with us, it will not be necessary to submit with future invoices unless the information changes.

If your GPL itemizes charges for embalming a donor in excess of the standard reimbursement rate, please submit a copy of your GPL with your reimbursement request.

If you consider your time and added expense a charitable donation and would like a letter from LifeSource to support your contribution, please contact us.

Please send documentation to us by fax, email or mail:
LifeSource Attention: Accounts Payable
Mail: 2225 West River Road North Minneapolis, MN 55411
Fax: (877) 480-0592

Contact Us

Questions about payment status? Contact Accounts Payable at (612) 800-6266 or
Questions related to the donation process? Contact Melinda Van Waus at 651-442-0056 or