We save lives and offer hope and healing through excellence in organ, eye and tissue donation.



To help you support the families we serve together, LifeSource has established a reimbursement guideline for funeral homes who embalm donors at the family’s request. Embalming reports are required with the reimbursement request. The report will provide us with the documentation needed for our records as we strive to be good stewards of the gift of donation.

To submit a request, send a bill on funeral home letterhead (example 1, example 2). Please submit a w-9 form to us with your request for reimbursement at the beginning of each year or whenever your business name or address changes throughout the year. This allows LifeSource to be consistent with best business practices related to employment law.

We recognize donation can require your use of extra resources, and LifeSource will continue to be responsible for those costs that are above the standard. LifeSource will work with you so no donation fee is passed on to the family. We appreciate your collaboration with LifeSource and your dedication to the families we serve.

Please use our toll-free fax number to submit your reimbursement request: 877-480-0592.