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Honor Walk Resources

What is an Honor Walk?
Hospital staff are invited to come and silently line the pathway from the Intensive Care Unit to the Operation Room (OR) as the organ donor is wheeled to the OR for organ recovery. The team pays their respects to the donor and lends support to the family on their journey. Honor Walks provide families of intended organ donors, as well as the medical care teams, the opportunity to honor the generosity of the donor for sharing the gifts of life.

Why Hold an Honor Walk?

  • To support donor families: It serves as a powerful way to say goodbye and give the donor the hero’s sendoff they deserve.
  • For hospital staff: The Honor Walk is a symbol of unity and compassion among families, donors, and their care teams. Staff can say goodbye to the patient they’ve cared for and continue to support the family.
  • To promote donation: Sharing the positive impact donation can have on grieving families and encourage others to give the gift of life.
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