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LifeSource unveils new logo

Updated visual identity reflects their unique expertise and how they approach their work – with heart

MINNEAPOLIS – LifeSource, the non-profit organization overseeing the organ donation process for the upper Midwest, announced today a refreshed visual identity, including a new logo, colors and tagline, that reflects who they are and how they serve their community.     

The changes elevate LifeSource and the expertise they have in the unique area of healthcare. With the launch of the new brand identity, they are bringing their goals and vision forward — taking bolder steps to fulfill their mission and inviting the community to join them on the journey to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. Together, they invite everyone to celebrate the power of donation and the profound impact it has on individuals, families, and communities alike. After all, at the heart of organ donation lies the essence of humanity — the willingness to give, to heal, and to connect. 

LifeSource logo with tagline "at the heart of organ donation"

“The entire donation process is filled with heart: when a driver checks the “DONOR” box at the DMV, when hospital staff line the hallway for an honor walk, as LifeSource supports grieving families and navigates the complex puzzle of logistics — it is all done with passion and heart,” said Kelly White, LifeSource CEO. “Our new logo and tagline truly encapsulate not just what we do, but how we do it.”  

About the tagline  

The new tagline “At the heart of organ donation” invites people to connect to LifeSource’s work on a human level and the role they play in the donation process. The new tagline transcends the technicalities of the process and delves into the emotional resonance of generosity and transformation. “At the heart of organ donation” embodies the essence of donation and it celebrates the efforts and compassion of everyone who is part of this life-saving process. It speaks to LifeSource’s role in orchestrating organ donation, fostering empathy and maximizing its profound impact.  

“The logo reflects not only the idea of the heart being the central organ of our bodies, but the heart and soul the LifeSource team members, partners and supporters pour out each day working for families (both donors and recipients). There is a deep heartfelt emotional and ever-present commitment of LifeSource to deliver the best outcome to each person LifeSource comes in contact with, said Jerry Lee, LifeSource Board Member, living kidney donor and spouse to kidney recipient, Annette.  

The logo was designed by 5ive, a Minneapolis-based creative agency and long-time partner of LifeSource.  

“The passionate team at LifeSource and the work they do to save and heal lives was one of the biggest inspirations behind the new brand identity design. Managing the complexity of the donation process and supporting the families involved in it requires deep respect, expertise, dedication and lots of heart, said 5ive founder, Boriana Strzok.  “The result is a modernized brand with institutional authority, timeless relevance and a shared purpose that easily connects people, medical professionals and the community with their individual and collective love for humanity.” 


About LifeSource 

LifeSource is the non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation in the Upper Midwest, serving more than seven million people in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. LifeSource promotes donation in our communities through the Donate Life brand. We are relentlessly pursuing a day when no one dies waiting for a life-saving transplant. Learn more at   

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Sarah Sonn, Communications Director