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Donor Family Quilt Square

Brooklynne Stavick

Photo of Brooklynne Stavick

1991 – October 16, 1999

Submitted by Mary Jo Stavick, grandmother

Life holds many blessings and the dearest one for us was having a first grandchild as precious, wonderful and loving as Brooklynne. Her little smiles made all our dreams come true as she enlightened our lives and gave us so much love, happiness and joy.

Brooklynne’s heart was filled with tenderness and her smiles were warm and kind. She was always loving, friendly, helpful and considerate to others that you couldn’t help but love her. She could always make you smile with her unique giggles, grins, laughter and the special twinkle in her eyes.

She enjoyed all outside activities from camping, fishing, checking cattle to playing soccer, baseball, roller skating, swimming and bike riding. She loved and had a gentle way with all animals. She had an avid love for unicorns and also enjoyed doing crafts with me as this quilt square represents.

Brooklynne gave us so much and made our days bright and beautiful, leaving us with many warm and happy memories. She will always be our “special angel” and through her gift as a donor, it has helped our healing process to know that she have others a second chance at life. We miss and love you dearly.