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Donor Family Quilt Square

David Thomas

Photo of David Thomas

August 20, 1964 – August 12, 2010

Submitted by Terrance Fisher and Nancy Thomas

I am submitting a quilt square for my son David L. Thomas. David’s joys were the Minnesota Vikings and his guitar, so when my son-in-law designed this, those were his thoughts too. They knew each other well and enjoyed the same things.

I sent to each of the families the notice that we were to make a quilt block, but no one else knew what to do, so we all had time to think about it.

When I received the block design I wasn’t sure how I would do it. One day it just came to me and I had it done in a day.

Mother’s Day 2011 I showed it to all the family and they all liked it.

David’s family consists of his four sisters, husbands and nieces and nephews: Teresa and Philip; William and Sara; Mary Beth Thomas; Jeanne and Brian; Alexander and Shelby; Kathryn and Terrance and Lloyd; and his mother Nancy Thomas.

We know he would like this quilt square a lot, that is representing him. He probably would of liked to have shared it with his Grandma Ann, who made hundreds of quilt tops. Grandma Ann died at Christmas time 2008 at the age of 90. David’s dad, Leo E. Thomas, died at the age of 53 in July of 1983.

This has inspired me to make more blocks like this one and frame them for friends and family.

Thank you for the privilege to be a part of this never ending project. We all look forward to seeing the quilt!