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Lindsey Madsen

Photo of Lindsey Madsen

May 31, 1989 – October 16, 2007

Submitted by Gloria Madsen, mother

I would like to tell you a story about my daughter, and how she has changed lives around her. When Lindsey passed her driving permit test, I talked to her about organ donation. She asked me some questions, and I told her “That after you die they take any organ they can use and give it to people that are in need.”

When it was time to get her license, she checked the organ donation box first. She told me “If I can help someone else then I want to do it.”

On October 16, 2007, Lindsey died as a result of a car accident. After the shock of everything passed, the hospital asked me about organ donation. I was against it. Then I remembered our conversation about helping others; I changed my mind and called LifeSource.

After about a month passed, I received a letter from LifeSource informing me Lindsey gave someone the gift of sight. It made me happy to think with Lindsey’s eyes to see what they are seeing.

LifeSource also informed me that Lindsey’s heart valves will be given to someone in need; when I think back to when my dad had his Quadruple bypass – how grateful I would be to someone who would have helped my dad.

Another good thing to happen is the high school and I sold 200 Buckle Up for Lindsey Bracelets. There are people in my hometown that have told me they are buckling up their seatbelts – even for short distances.

Earlier this year, I was informed by one of the school teachers that 1/2 – 3/4 of the kids from the school have changed their minds about organ donation after hearing how Lindsey has changed other peoples lives.

The school and I have also sold 100 Buckle Up for Lindsey bumper stickers. Recently, I was told by a co-worker that at her EMT Class the instructors were talking about Lindsey’s car accident and how much it has affected them and their department. So as you read this you can see how much Lindsey’s death and decision to become an organ donor has changed lives for the better.