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Donor Family Quilt Square

Nicole Lee Playle

Photo of Nicole Lee Playle

January 19, 1978 – April 30, 2004

Submitted by Vivian Cadigan, grandmother

We dedicate this square to Nicole Lee Playle.

The white striped material is from a dress of Nicole’s that her mother bought for her when she was 9 months old. When Nicole was 19 months old her mother, Judy Marie Playle passed away. The dark plaid material is from a dress her mother wore when she was little, and when Nicole was old enough, we were delighted to see her wear the same plaid little dress as her mother.

The ideas for this square came from Nicole’s grandmother, Vivian Marie Cadigan and Aunt Penny Patricia Bell. Sewing and embroidery of this square was provided by Linda Webster, friend.

Nicole, was very much an outdoors person who owned and loved all types of animals, she had a special appreciation for reptiles and snakes. Nicole had a passion for fishing which worked well since she lived near many lakes in her home state of Minnesota.

When we think of Nicole, we remember how much she cared for the people around her, as well as those she did not know. It was Nicole’s wish to be an organ donor, and we know that she is very proud and happy that others are living on with a little help from her. As her family, we are very proud of her and pleased to know a little piece of Nicole shall live on.