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Patrick Nicholson

Patrick Nicholson
January 9, 1982 – August 29, 2009
Submitted by his mother, Denise Kiehne

Patrick was a smart, generous and compassionate person who was creative and held a strong sense of humor. He was a professional chef who loved to grill (border was from one of his chef pants). He enjoyed playing hockey and golf and loved the MN Wild! His lucky number was 13. He loved his family and friends so he became a reverend to marry those he cared about. He had a twinkle in his eyes, could talk to anybody, and everyone was welcome in his home. It was his choice to be a donor. Patrick was a fan of Star Trek. So in the words “live long and prosper,” he lives on through his donation to others!

Loved and missed by Mom, Dad, sister Kelly (and many others)